Why Choose Michigan Pain Consultants

At Michigan Pain Consultants, we know chronic pain. We know that chronic pain is a unique individual experience that cannot be objectively measured like many other medical conditions. We know that the effects of chronic pain extend beyond the physical symptoms and can impact all aspects of your life.

We believe that understanding your pain and treating your pain go hand in hand. We believe that effective pain management involves more than just treating a symptom. It requires a multidisciplinary team of highly trained specialists who not only understand the pathology of your pain, but also understand the underlying symptoms that accompany your chronic pain.

At Michigan Pain Consultants, we are that team of highly trained specialists. We are Michigan’s leading and longest-established multi-disciplinary pain management practice, specializing in the expert diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain conditions. Our physician led team of interdisciplinary pain specialists develops patient centered treatment options integrating interventional and complimentary medicine with onsite physical therapy and behavioral medicine to comprehensively address each patient’s individual needs.

For more than thirty years, people from all walks of life have chosen Michigan Pain Consultants as their preferred pain provider. Let us put our experience to work for you and begin living your life beyond pain.