At Michigan Pain Consultants, our practice focuses specifically on the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain. MPC treats chronic pain conditions such as spine related back pain and neck pain, shingles, headaches, nerve pain and others. While we treat all types of chronic pain, the most common pain condition our patients seek treatment for is pain related to the spine.

Our physicians and pain management specialists have had advanced training and education in the specialty of pain. They understand the complex nature of chronic pain and how it can take a toll on a person’s entire life, both physically and emotionally. Our goal at MPC is to provide treatment options that allow our patients to gain lifestyle and functional improvements giving them a chance to get back to enjoying some of life’s simple pleasures.

Treating Depression with Ketamine
How Far Have We Come In Treating Depression?
Depression in humans has always been a part of humankind. Healers, writers, and philosophers had each agreed throughout the ages that depression not only existed, but was either a physical or mental struggle for people the world over. Yet, they themselves had had their own struggles during those experiential times. “How does one heal another with depression correctly without full comprehension of its complexities?” Today, we may be closer than ever. But first, let’s take ...
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